New Jersey's mid-year numbers of traffic-related deaths are up over 20% from 2023, with Atlantic County placing second in the state for fatalities.

Alarming 2024 Traffic Deaths Numbers in Atlantic County

28 people have died in traffic fatalities in Atlantic County so far in 2024, the second-highest number of deaths by county in the state.

Only Middlesex County with 33 deaths has seen more traffic-related deaths in New Jersey this year, according to NJ State Police statistics. Middlesex County has a population over three times the size of the 276,000 people in Atlantic County.

A breakdown of Atlantic County's 2024 traffic deaths shows that 14 drivers, 1 passenger, 11 pedestrians, and 2 cyclists have died in crashes so far this year.

See an Atlantic County town-by-town breakdown of 2024 traffic deaths

If these mid-year numbers continue, 2024 will be far deadlier than last year, when 18  drivers, 13 pedestrians, and a total of 40 people died on Atlantic County roads.

Traffic Fatalities in Cape May, Cumberland, Ocean Counties

Here's a look at 2024 mid-year traffic fatalities in other South Jersey counties.

- Cape May County had one fatality

- Cumberland County had 12 fatalities, 2 involving pedestrians

- Ocean County had 23 fatalities, 7 involving pedestrians.

NJ's Statewide Traffic Fatalities So Far in 2024

New Jersey State Police say that traffic fatalities are on the rise across the state. There have been 305 deadly crashes in New Jersey in just the first six months of 2024.

Data from New Jersey State Police shows that the fatalities include 164 drivers, 39 passengers, 5 cyclists, and 97 pedestrians. That's more than a 20% increase from this time last year, according to state police.

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, the increase in New Jersey crash deaths mirrors the numbers nationwide.

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