Billy Joel once said, "Honesty, is such a lonely word."  Reading the news is so depressing these days.  It's heartwarming to hear about an act of kindness that took place a few weeks ago at Tony's Baltimore Grill, in Atlantic City.

According to the story posted on Tony's Baltimore Grill's Facebook page, a visitor to the city, a man named, Tanner, came running into the restaurant.  He was in a panic.

Tanner and his family took out cash for their trip to Atlantic City, but they realized the money was missing.  Tanner retraced his steps that day, trying to find the envelope filled with money.

Can you imagine what he must have been feeling?

When he returned to Tony's Baltimore Grill, on Atlantic Avenue, he was shocked to learn that not only did they find his money, but it was all still in an envelope.  Tanner and his family were able to identify the money and the money was returned to Tanner and his family.

Tony's Baltimore Grill via Facebook
Tony's Baltimore Grill via Facebook

Malick, an employee of Tony's, found the money in the booth they had been seated at and turned it over to Pam, another employee who had served the family.  Fortunately for Tanner, the right people were at the right place at the right time.

You could've ended the story there, and it would be happy enough, but there's more.

The owners of Tony's Baltimore Grill wanted to reward the integrity of their employees.  So both Pam and Malick were offered $2000 cash or a week of paid vacation to be split between them by Tony's.  How cool is that?

Thank you, Malick, Pam, and Tony's for giving us all a chance to smile today.

(3) Tony's Baltimore Grill | Facebook

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