Students returning to Atlantic City High School in September won't have to follow the school's previous dress code requiring school uniforms.

The end of school uniform requirement was announced on the Atlantic City High School Parent Advisory Committee Facebook page.

The school uniform policy, in effect since 2007-08, required students to wear black pants with pockets, with a white, black or navy polo shirt or an Atlantic City High School t-shirt.

The Atlantic City Board of Education has reassigned principal La’Quetta Small from the Pennsylvania Avenue School to Atlantic City High School beginning this year. It's not known if Principle Small favored ending the uniform requirement.

One student I spoke with said the school uniform policy had not been strictly enforced by most teachers last year, but that she was happy to be able to wear leggings and non-school related tops or shorts this school year without having to worry about possibly getting in to trouble.

The parents of students responding to the news of policy change on the Facebook post were not in favor of dropping the uniforms, writing..."This is not a good idea", "Not the brightest thing to change !"


This makes NO sense. Dress code uniforms were introduced years ago to decrease gang colors/clothing and to aid in leveling the financial divide. Having no uniform is going to be a burden on many families for kids who don’t have the funds to buy all the “name brand” clothing (that many kids want to wear). It’s going to be mayhem. This, imho is not the best decision! This is going to stress out so many kids and parents.... I am frustrated.

Many types of clothing and fashions will still not be allowed, including halter tops, hoodies, extremely short skirts and anything promoting drugs, alcohol and gang-related references.

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