Is it just me or is this guy out of his mind?

I feel like this story is straight up disrespect to the New Jersey culture.

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His name is Marc Dragish and he is making headlines because he is outraged to a Wawa with 10 gas pumps is being built across the street from where he lives.

“I don’t want this to come across as another not-in-my-backyard thing,” Dragish said. “The main thing is this entire area is reliant on the water table for our water supply. We’re talking about a gas station, 60 parking spots, that’s going to be reliant on well water and septic.”

In a way....I do get it. More businesses bring more people and traffic which brings pollution etc. but let me make three points:

One: Don't homeowners have their own well water and septic per household which would mean that the new Wawa would have no effect on this?

It could totally be different in this area but that is how I thought things were done.

Two: In the article on, it is explained that down half a mile down the road there is another Wawa store that is very outdated and has a parking lot that is very poorly designed.

The obvious inference here is that when the new Wawa is built at the new location, that will replace the old one. You give a Wawa to get a Wawa which would mean that  things should just about break even when all is said and done.

“In the majority of the feedback I’ve gotten so far people are thrilled there’s going to be a super Wawa there,” said Mayor Barry Wright. “There is no legitimate reason I can see to vote no on the application. That area of the town has been underserved.”



Are you even a New Jerseyan. This means that you can easily stop for gas to and from work.

Not to mention, you now have immediate access to coffee, cold food, hot food, subs, grab and go snacks, lunch, dessert, drinks, lottery, scratch offs, cigarettes, newspapers and who knows what else Wawa sells that I haven't discovered yet.

Sir, respect the Wawa and those around you who worship it.

Thank you.

Take a look at all Marc Dragish has to say about the upcoming new Wawa at

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