On one hand, it seems like much ado about nothing.  On the other hand, times have changed, and the concern is legitimate.

Every high school has their own traditions, and many high schools have senior pranks.  These are usually organized by the senior class and are usually benign.  To this day, I have no idea how they managed to get a VW Beetle on the roof of my high school.

Seniors from Absegami High School are currently in the middle of a competition that has some in the community concerned for their safety.

The game is called "Senior Assassins" and the way it works is members of the senior class are broken down into pairs of teams.  Each team is assigned another team to take out, using water guns, and super soakers.

Turquoise Anderson via Facebook
Turquoise Anderson via Facebook

The students actually pay an entry fee and are competing for a cash prize.  They say this is not played during school hours and cannot be played on school grounds.  Churches, cemeteries, and inside homes are also off-limits.

One has visions of kids running around neighborhoods with their "weapons," hiding behind bushes, jumping from behind cars, and covertly planning attacks.   All sounds like fun stuff.

There are parents and neighbors who are concerned.  Not so much about the kids hurting each other, but rather people mistaking them for troublemakers, and perhaps thinking the super soakers are real weapons.

One parent who posted on the local social site, www.nextdoor.com had this to say,

Wow very bad idea and let's hops nothing bad happens. In this Dat and age with the shootings going on who had this wonderful idea.

And another reflected the times we live in,

As a mother of 2 young adult African American sons in their 20s, this is not a fun game. My sons participating in this game would subject them to murder.

Others offered a different view,

if you have a good sense of humor and enjoy seeing kids having fun, feel free to offer up a good hiding spot they can use to gain an advantage! This is a time of good fun and competition. Please remember your inner child when and if you encounter any of the SENIOR ASSASSINS on the hunt!!


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