There is a major problem with Margate's bay -- it is currently restricted to the public.

Well Maggie Day and developer Tom Tice believe that it goes against the city's philosophy that all are welcome and therefore, have have a solution!

The duo is hoping to build an aqua park and activity center on the bay, which consists of, "a completely inflatable recreation complex complete with trampolines, slides, obstacles, and other attractions."

"We're going to be resident friendly. Everything we offer to tourists we're going to offer to our resident children," Day said. "It's one more place for children to go to have good, clean, safe, outdoor fun."

Day And Tice are putting plans together and still need approval from Margate's planning board but that is not stopping them from already setting when this park will hopefully open.

"Our goal is to be open by 2019," Day said. "It is an aggressive goal but one we think can meet. Worse case scenario would be 2020."

There are multiple steps ahead before this park becomes a reality but for now, take a look at the project in full detail at

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