This year's 4th of July celebrations all over South Jersey will be cancelled or pared back significantly amid the lingering concerns of the coronavirus pandemic.

The largest 4th of July parade in the state celebrating our nation's independence has now been officially cancelled as reported by the Press of Atlantic City.

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The traditional 4th of July parade in historic Smithville  will not happen this year because of COVID-19. Over 10,000 spectators would line the streets in Smithville as over 170 units would get ready to march down Smithville Boulevard.

Plans will vary greatly for this 4th of July. It will be hard to imagine not having fireworks and independence parades this year to celebrate America's independence  because of coronavirus concerns.

I always look forward to parades and of course fireworks for the 4th of July. For me, it was always the official start of the summer season. I know my dog will be happy that she won't have to sit through another round of noisy fireworks for the 4th.

Major spring and summer events will continue to be cancelled due to the pandemic

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