As we get ready to hit the beach for the summer of 2016, let's take a good look at what the Atlantic City beach looked like during the summer at the turn of the century with this amazing high quality video. 

The decade starts with the start of the second modern Summer Olympics, William McKinley is the 25th president of the United States. Las Vegas is founded in the summer of 1905 and the Earth passes through the tail of Hailey's Comet to wrap up the summer of 1910. 

Back to the beach in Atlantic City, see the amazing photos that date back to the summer of 1900 through 1910. Check out the summer attire of bathers at the turn of the century!

You'll also see a great shot of Brady's baths which was located on the boardwalk at Illinois Avenue and the boardwalk. Brady's baths suffered major damage due to a fire in the spring of 1902.

You'll also notice how busy the beach was back in the 1900's, with literally thousands of people soaking up the rays jammed packed like sardines. This would never work for me. Donkeys and horses were also welcome on the beach. I hope people watched where they were walking, especially barefoot!

Check out the amazing video and photos of the Atlantic City beach below:

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