Have you heard that American Airlines is offering a new service from Atlantic City International Airport? You book your American Airlines flight from Atlantic City International to any of American Airlines' 70 domestic and 20 international destinations. Then, you park conveniently at ACY, go through security and board a luxury motorcoach that takes you to Philadelphia's airport for your flight.

I love the idea of traveling with American Airlines this way. It opens up a world of travel possibilities all originating from right in my backyard. I'll be enjoying free entertainment, WiFi, and comfortable power seats on the motorcoach instead of worrying about traffic, tolls, and the stress of parking near the Philadelphia airport. No one wants to start a relaxing vacation worried about driving, especially with these gas prices. American Airlines and ACY are offering us more travel, less hassle!

Just imagine. My wife could travel to the land of her ancestors in Shannon, Ireland. My daughters could finally reach their dream surfing beach in Mailbu, while I could spend my time sipping my favorite Barolo & Barbaresco Wine while eating authentic risotto alla Milanese in Milan, Italy!

Or, we could just go to that family wedding in Tuscon. The possibilities are endless for traveling on American Airlines from ACY! Learn more and start planning your next trip at flyaafromacy.com.