The sad reality of our financial disaster in South Jersey has been on display this week. Wednesday, we watched as out-of-work casino employees lined up in a 2-mile traffic jam for a box of free food from the food bank.

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Thursday, the weekly unemployment filing numbers were released and, again, South Jersey lead the way. Over 6100 people in Atlantic County filed for unemployment this week, bringing the total over the last month to 41,399.

Then I happened to see a posting on Facebook from Atlantic City Sub Shops, a local favorite since the 1980's, where they serve a good sandwich on Atlantic City bread. There EHT location is just down Tilton Road from the radio station and I've dropped in for lunch occasionally over the years.

The post is a GoFundMe appeal to help their workers and it is heartbreaking.

The owner, Charley Joseph, got his start working in the shop as a 14-year old and went on to buy the store. He tells a sad story of the damage of the coronavirus pandemic to his business and the people who work for him...

We were forced to close our dining room to our customers and alter the entire way our business operates. Tipped employees were moved to the counter position to avoid a complete loss of income. The majority of my staff is working less than 50% of the hours they worked prior to this pandemic and sadly, many are completely out of work.
My wife and I have depleted our personal savings paying for not only the business bills, but the employees salaries. We are in a dire situation and feel immense responsibility to the people we work so closely with. Our employees are like family to us.

I don't know Charley personally, but I can tell he's a good man. His situation breaks my heart. I wish him and his employees better luck ahead.

Here's the A.C. Sub Shops GoFundMe page....

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