It looks like the rules could be loosening up in Atlantic City just in time for this Summer.

A legislation was just proposed that would allow people to consume alcoholic beverages OPENLY in the  Atlantic City's Tourism District.

Thus far, the City Council and the Atlantic City Police have showed their support.

Tom Forkin, chairman of Atlantic City Alcohol Beverage Control, has publicly stated that thinks that there is no downside to having this law passed by this upcoming Memorial Day because AC's newfound leniency may attract more tourists this upcoming Summer.

"This is a win-win for the city, bringing it on par with similar open-container laws in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Nashville and Key West, to name a few," said Forkin. "This is a home run for Atlantic City."

However, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority would also have to adopt some type of new open-container law for this law to be successfully passed because they do have jurisdiction in the Atlantic City Tourism District.

So as of now, a very similar law is looking to be proposed on May 13th so keep your fingers crossed until then.

Laws like these always sound like they have a copious amount of support -- that is until it is actually time to vote. Only time will tell.

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