Do you remember when I told you about the possibility that drinking along the Atlantic City boardwalk could become permanent?

Well there is an update....and it is a good one!

The state Senate has unanimously passed the bill that would permanently allow public alcohol consumption on the AC boardwalk.

I consider this worthy of celebration. We have no idea how long this pandemic will last and making this change will only help get our economy back to where it was at and then some.

“With our bars and restaurants relying on outdoor dining and takeout to make ends meet and keep our families employed, this bipartisan bill enhancing our guests’ vacation experience will help our mom-and-pop hospitality businesses get through this challenging time and thrive down the road,” said Republican Sen. Chris Brown.

Like I said last stop for a round of drinks and walk. You get another round of drinks and play games. You get another and go shopping. Just trust me.

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The only thing left that needs to happen is Governor Phil Murphy needs to sign off on the legislation to make it a law.

As of now, it is only legal to drink on the AC boardwalk and other designated areas around town until November or whenever Governor Phil Murphy lifts the coronavirus-related restrictions -- whichever comes first basically.

Okay Murphy.....AC has been beaten up during this pandemic. Give them this new law so that people will visit, drink and SPEND!

I get why some people are worried about the drunken idiots making their way to the boardwalk but I personally don't foresee this being as big of an issue as others do.

People who are looking to get lit go to the clubs. They go to the casinos. Normally, they don't go to play games on the casino.

Let's do this.

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