If you travel along Whitehorse Pike in Absecon, once you get past ShopRite, there's nothing along that stretch of highway to draw people to the area.

There are quite a few abandoned gas stations, and a plethora of hotels, most of which are not of the family sort, but there's nothing to draw people to the community.

Whitehorse Wine and Spirits recently built a new location about a mile up the road from their old location.  It's a large beautiful store, and they already seem to be doing great business.  But this still isn't a destination, and it's not a business geared toward families.

However, now that Whitehorse Wine and Spirits has moved, that leaves a huge opportunity for someone to come in and create something special.

It's a huge space of prime real estate with easy access to a major highway, not to mention the Garden State Park, which is less than 2 miles up the road.

I repeat, this is a huge opportunity for someone with vision.

What a great location for a skating rink, arcade, or bowling alley.  How about pickleball courts?  This location is so big, that you can probably combine a couple of ideas and also include a food court.

Who in the community, has the creative vision to make this a go?

Just a couple of miles behind ShopRite, there are some beautiful parks and ballfields and a great-looking neighborhood.

This property can be the centerpiece of the community.  It could be the beginning of a facelift for this once-prosperous area.

Let's hope this doesn't become another missed opportunity.

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