Lots of things have been canceled for 2020, but this favorite Wawa menu item is still here!

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Wawa announced on their Facebook Page that the Hot Turkey Gobbler is back for 2020. Check out the post below:

If you're unsure what's in a Hot Turkey Gobbler, or, you've never had one before, it's pretty much a Thanksgiving dinner served up on a sandwich: turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. It's been a fan favorite over the years! It has also been sold as a "bowl" before (so all the ingredients of the sandwich, minus the bread). The store has not announced whether the bowls will be back this year.

I know some people may think that the end of September is too soon to be thinking about Thanksgiving, but we've all had a rough year. I think it's great that Wawa is bringing out the sandwich and is giving so many people something to smile about.

I have to admit, I am a vegetarian, so I've never tried the Hot Turkey Gobbler before - but I am tempted to try it without the turkey (it would be no different from Thanksgiving for me since I go all out with side dishes).

Are you a fan of the Hot Turkey Gobbler? How many times will you be ordering it this year?



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