A company that plays an important role in South Jersey has finished in the top ten on the latest list of Most-Hated Companies in America.

Spirit Airlines, the only major air carrier at Atlantic City International Airport finished at number 8 on this year's list from 24/7 Wall St, based on consumer surveys, date from the employee-scoring site Glassdoor and negative reviews. Spirit Airlines joins Wells Fargo, General Electric and the year's number one most-hated company, Facebook on this year's list.

This is the third consecutive year Spirit Airlines has made the list of Most Companies in America.

In their critique of Spirit Airlines, 24/7 Wall St. recognizes improvements in Spirit's public persona lately, but points to Spirits still higher-than average complaint record...

Though Spirit Airlines’ public perception has slightly improved over the past several years, it is still the airline Americans least enjoy flying. Fliers are nearly three times as likely to lodge a complaint against the no-frills, discount airline as they are against the average airline.

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