There's an interesting art exhibit that is unlike anything you've seen.  The exhibit is called Wonderspaces and is probably unlike anything you've ever seen.

If you're like me, you may have a preconceived notion of what a visit to an art studio might be like.  We've all seen scenes in movies where rich people, cocktail in hand, walk around a sterile-looking room with paintings hanging from walls.  They stop to gaze at each painting and then move on.

Maybe you remember that school trip to an art museum, and it didn't really capture your attention.

Mitch Sher via Facebook
Mitch Sher via Facebook

Wonderspaces will change the way you look at art.  They're located in Center City near the Convention Center in the Fashion District in Philadelphia.

Wonderspaces has been around for nearly 7 years. It's a permanent art show that features ever-changing exhibits.  What makes it different from other art shows is the fact that the exhibits at Wonderspaces are experiential and very colorful.

Currently, the two-floor art show features an exhibit called, Submergence, by a collective known as Squidsoup.  Imagine a light show that features 8,000 hanging bulbs.

Another exhibit on display is "Spheres: Songs of Spacetime."  This interactive display takes us on a journey into the cosmos to experience the sounds of space.  Then there's a display called Erupture.  This is an inflatable display of microscopic lifeforms.  A little weird?  Yeah, but very cool!

Bob Ehlman via Facebook
Bob Ehlman via Facebook

Another display is called Our Top 100.  This is a display that features a huge community playlist, where people from all over share songs that have impacted their lives.  Music is something we all have in common, and it's interesting to see how various songs have impacted people's lives.

In all, Wonderspaces has over a dozen displays.  Plan on spending an hour to an hour and a half exploring these unique exhibits.  Tickets must be purchased online and are very reasonable.

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