You can tell Halloween is coming by the mountains of candy corn in stores.

You just can't escape it. If you're tryin' to eat healthier and avoid candy, good luck this time of year.
Candy corn looks like kernels of corn, and frankly it's kinda cute.  I will give it that.  But that's all I'm gonna give it.
As far as nutritional value, candy corn is a big fat zero.  It's basically sugar and corn syrup.  And don't forget the artificial coloring.  Not exactly good for you.
Though I'm a huge fan of Halloween and pretty much everything associated with it, I'm no fan of candy corn.  Never was, never will be.
So, what do you do when you are confronted with that mountain of candy corn in the grocery store?  Just keep walking, or do what I do.  Grab a chocolate bar instead.  At least it's got antioxidants, right?  :)


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