Here is a modern day South Jersey message in a bottle story.

A GoPro camera lost at sea by an Atlantic City surfer in October was found on the beach in Ocean City five months later. Wait, there's more. The camera still works. And here's the modern day part. Thanks to social media, that surfer is about to be reunited with his GoPro.

According to CBS Philly, Jamie Weir of Egg Harbor Township was walking on the 30th St. beach in Ocean City over the weekend when he saw a strap from the camera case sticking up out of the sand.

The GoPro was still sealed up in a water proof container, and amazingly, it still worked!

Sunday night, Weir posted a short video from the camera on Facebook. It showed a surfer with the Atlantic City skyline in the background.

Within 3 hours, the owner of the camera was identified.

Andrew Finnerty, an Atlantic City lifeguard, was out surfing on the New York Ave. Beach one night back in October when he dropped his GoPro camera in the surf. He had long ago given up on finding it, until mutual friends recognized him in the video posted by Weir.

The two men plan to meet this week to reunite the surfer with his GoPro. How cool is that?

Here is the video posted from the GoPro camera on Jamie Weir's Facebook page.

Source: CBS Philly



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