One month after Doug Rahm was arrested for his role in the January 6th Capitol riot, court filings made public for the first time last week laid out the case against the Atlantic City man who bragged on social media of urinating in US. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office.

On Feb 5, the FBI and members of its Joint Terrorism Task Force, searched Rahm's Atlantic City home on Penrose Avenue. Investigators were seen taking photos of his garage, while agents brought computer equipment, boxes and other items out of the house.

The FBI now reveals that Rahm had posted now deleted messages and videos on Facebook documenting the incursion.

"We’re here, time to find some brass and kick some frickin’ ass. Do not believe the media. There were no anarchists. No antifa. Just patriots trying to take our country back.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that when a friend urged him to give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a kiss, Rahm replied: “Pissed in her office.”

Rahm is a 61-year-old high-rise restoration worker and member of Bikers for Trump who appears to have provided much of the evidence that led to his arrest through his social media posts.

“…riot shields and pepper spray never hurt anyone did they?”
“Home alive. History made. I walked through Pelosi’s office I should have sh– on her chair.”

The FBI says that Rahm deleted many of his Facebook posts within days of the insurrection as a nationwide manhunt began for those who had participated in the attack.

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Three people who knew Rahm are described in the court filings as turning over screenshots of his Facebook posts to investigators.

This wasn't Rahm's first heated actions at a demonstration. An Associated Press story from Trump’s 2017 inauguration described him cursing at anti-Trump demonstrators along the president’s parade route.

“Get a job,” he was quoted as saying in what the article described as a “lengthy and at times profane” exchange. “Stop crying, snowflakes. Trump won.”

Rahm faces charges including illegally entering a restricted area, disorderly conduct and obstruction of Congress, the most serious of which carries a maximum prison sentence of up to 20 years.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer/Associated Press

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