There's nothing like watching a movie under the stars on the big screen at New Jersey's only drive-in movie theater.

The spooky season is here this weekend at the Delsea Drive-in in Vineland. The iconic drive-in is featuring a horror classic for adults and a Halloween favorite for the family.

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For the family, you can enjoy the family comedy Hocus Pocus starring Bette Milder and Sara Jessica Parker. The Disney favorite was originally released in 1993.

Also on the big screen this weekend is the 80's horror cult classic An American Werewolf in London which first rereleased in 981. This movie still scares the crap out of me whenever I watch it. The special effects and the markup are outstanding. I'm sure it will be even twice as scary on the big screen!

You can check our a new horror film as the 2020 release The Wolf of Snow Hollow makes it debut at the Delsea Drive In this weekend. Bodies start to turn up in a small mountain town after each full moon.

On the lighter side, Disney Pixar's Coco organdy released in 2017 is also featured.

Restrictions still remain firmly in place including all cars staying 6 feet apart or all windows, sunroofs and convertible tops must remain closed. You  must also wear a mask when visiting the concessions stand. All tickets must be purchased online and in advance.

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