This is my first summer back in Jersey in several years, and I've come to notice that New Jersey seems to be in a bad mood.  I mean ALL of New Jersey.

These are the top reasons that I've compiled from various local Facebook pages.  If I missed any, let me know.  Perhaps this is a two-part story.

1.  Roadwork:  People are up in arms over the continuing roadwork on 72 by the causeway heading to LBI.  I seem to remember this project when I last lived here 5 years ago.  It seems never-ending, doesn't it?

2.  Surcharges on Debit and Credit Purchases:  This is a new phenomenon that is hard to understand.  If businesses know this is a sore point with customers, why not just build this cost into your price of goods?  By adding this cost at the checkout counter, you're agitating your customers.

3.  Tips:  Let me be clear, it's one thing for servers at restaurants to expect a tip for good service, but when I pay $2.50 for a buttered bagel at a bagel place, and then I'm asked how much I want to tip as I'm checking out, that makes me angry.

4.  People Who Shoot Off Fireworks:  People like to watch the pretty displays on Independence Day.  I get that.  There are people who are adversely affected by these displays.

Many people who have actually served to keep the country we're celebrating safe, suffer from PTSD.  They can prepare for those holiday celebrations.  They can't prepare for the random loud booms that pop out on other random evenings.  Something to keep in mind.

5.  People Who Protest Fireworks:  There are traditional holiday celebrations where you can pretty much expect some fireworks.  Prepare ahead of time for those days.

6.  The Cost of Tolls:   Wouldn't it be fun to see an actual accounting of how much money New Jersey collects each year, and exactly how much of that money is actually spent on improving our roads?

7.  EZ Pass:  Have you ever received a bill from EZ Pass because you missed paying a toll?  They charge 50 bucks for each violation.  I'm predicting this is going to get worse as more of the express lanes are built.

Unlike toll booths, when you pass through the express lanes, there is no warning when your account runs low.  How do they justify a 50-dollar fee?  Where does THAT money go?  I can safely guess it doesn't go towards hiring customer service people.  You have a better chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa then finding someone at EZ Pass to talk to.

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