Who knew license plate laws could be so complicated? Ever since you put your license plates on your vehicle, you probably haven't thought much about them.

Well, somebody with a state job at the MVC certainly has given them some thought.

New Jersey has a host of rules that you must follow pertaining to your license plate, mostly put in place to ensure that police, cameras, and plate readers can easily read your license plate, according to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

I'm betting there are even a few license plate rules you weren't aware of.

Here are seven reasons you can be ticketed for your license plates in New Jersey:

You Must Have Two License Plates

In New Jersey, all motor vehicles are required to have a license plate on the front and the back of the vehicle. This goes for all types of motor vehicles, except for motorcycles, which are only required to have a license plate on the back.

Your Plates Must Be Secured

This may come as a surprise, but you can’t simply put your plates in the front and back windows of your car. If you do so without firmly fastening the plates so that they can’t slip or slide around, you may be ticketed.

What’s more, even if you manage to properly secure your license plates in the windows of your car, you may still be ticketed. This is because, in New Jersey, it is against the law to drive with anything blocking any area of your front or back window.

Distance From The Ground

In New Jersey, your license plates must be affixed to your vehicle, such that it is no more than 48 inches above the ground and no less than 12 inches from the ground. This one was news to me. Do police actually get out and measure? They just might.

Inadequate Illumination

Your plates must be adequately illuminated at night. This is why vehicles are constructed with small lights around the area where your license plates should be attached. Make sure that these lights are in working order, or you may be ticketed.

Snow And Ice

You must also be sure to remove any snow and ice from your license plates that might prevent them from being read. If any letters or numbers on the plate are unable to be read, you may be ticketed. You will see many people breaking this rule every time it snows.

No glass or Plastic Covers

New Jersey forbids the use of any plastic or glass license plate covers, or any other covering or coating that may distort or obscure your license plate, such that it cannot be properly read or photographed. I am not breaking this rule, but that's completely by chance. I had no idea about this one.

Parked Or Driving

You can be ticketed for a license plate violation, whether your vehicle is parked or being driven. If the violation was noticed while you were parked on a public road or highway (as opposed to being parked in your own driveway or garage), the violation will result in a parking ticket.

If the violation was noticed by law enforcement while you were operating the vehicle, it will result in a moving violation.

Did you know this one? Me, either.

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