Just in case you're having a hard time deciding how you're going to spend your money once you win Lite Rock's 2K Artist of the Day, we've started a list to help you out!

Oh and if you haven't already heard, the Lite Rock 2K Artist of the Day is back! We’re making it easy for you to win $2,000 just by listening during your busy workday.

Really quick, here’s how you win:

1. Keep your radio on Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG.

2. Just be caller #9 at 1-800-969-WFPG (9374) when we play the Artist of the Day for your personal invite to our 2K Pay Day Party where you’ll have a chance to win $2,000 dollars!

3. For being a member of the Lite Rock Listener Club, you’ll have exclusive access to a the 2K Artist of the Day Calendar to find out the artists and when we’ll play them! Eddie Davis also gives you all the winning details and exact win times every morning at 6:10 and 7:10!

Alright, are you ready for some ways you can spend your big win? I know this is how I would put the 2K to use if I was the lucky winner...

  • Warren Goldswain
    Warren Goldswain

    Dunkin' Donuts 24/7

    Ok.. Maybe not 24/7 but, I would definitely treat myself to a  hot cup of DD every day for the rest of the year!

    Cost:  $335

    Balance: $1,665

  • LDProd

    Pay Off My Most Annoying Bill for the Month

    My cell phone bill sometimes just drives me crazy. My two boys are still on our family plan even though there now young adults, My boys would be completely lost without their phones.

    Cost: $268

    Balance: $1,397

  • carloscastilla

    A Night on the Town

    I would love to see Elvis Costello at Borgata and then enjoy a nice dinner after the show with my lovely wife!

    Cost $400

    Balance: $997

  • Stockphoto24

    Christmas Shopping

    Christmas will be here before you know it. I would put a good chunk of the 2K towards Christmas gifts.The free money would also be an incentive to start my Christmas shopping sooner than later!

    Cost: $700

    Balance $297

  • loading...

    Treat My Boys

    I know I was complaining about paying for the cell phone bill for my boys but, I would split the rest of the money with them. Maybe they could put it towards the next cell phone bill! I won't hold my breath on that one.

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