Five of 36 New Jersey towns that voted for Democrat Phil Murphy after voting for Republican Donald Trump one year ago are in Atlantic County, according to analysis of unofficial election results in New Jersey.

The explanation of this flip from republican to democrat remains unclear. With outgoing Rep. Gov. Chris Christie's near-historic low final term polling numbers, Murphy's success may have more to do with a mandate for a change from Christie than any referendum on the Trump presidency. Still, the results are definitely a shift in one year for five important Atlantic County towns.

Here are the Atlantic County towns that voted for Phil Murphy, one year after voting for Donald Trump.

1- Somers Point: Trump won by 1.6%; Murphy won by 7.1%

2- Margate: Trump won by 1.6%; Murphy won by 2.8%

3- Buena Vista: Trump won by 11.3%; Murphy won by 2.7%

4- Northfield: Trump won by 6.1%; Murphy won by 10.2%

5- Absecon: Trump won by 5%; Murphy won by 1.7%


About the data: Results from the 2017 are still unofficial and may be subject to slight changes as provisional votes are counted during the next few months. Numbers from the 2016 presidential race are the official results as reported by the state Division of Election archives.

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