A rowdy crowd of almost 300 teens, down at the shore for Memorial Day weekend, were involved in a fight Saturday afternoon on the beach in Margate. 

The fight at the Washington Avenue beach broke out around 2 p.m. Saturday, near Lucy the Elephant, causing Margate Police to reach out to police in neighboring Ventnor and Longport to bring the situation under control.

The disturbance led to three arrests for assault and disorderly conduct. Additionally, a police officer was hit with a Gatorade bottle.

In her reporting of the holiday weekend incident, Phily.com's Amy Rosenberg spoke with Margate Police Capt. Ken Bergeron, who pointed out that none of the teens involved in Saturday's fight were locals. "There's not one of them from Margate...It's all juveniles from out of town".  All of those arrested under 21 are from either Pennsylvania or the Cherry Hill area, police told Philly.com.

Living in Margate, I've noticed over the past several years, that it has become common to have crowds of visiting teens hanging around in the Wawa parking lot on any given summer night.

Everyone in Margate, and other shore towns in South Jersey, is in favor of summer visitors coming to town, supporting our local businesses and enjoying our beautiful beaches, but if you came to fight or act like a jack ass, stay home!

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