Atlantic City International Airport literally went to the dogs this past weekend as they welcomed over 200 canines from Puerto Rico.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the adorable pooches, all looking for the forever homes, were rescued from the sections of Puerto Rico that still suffer from severe and extensive damage from Hurricane Maria which came on shore last fall.

The Humane Society of Atlantic County will be the new temporary home for around 35 of the rescue dogs. The rest will take residence at shelters around the state and in Pennsylvania and New York.

My pooch, Josie, is also a rescue from the streets of Puerto Rico. These dogs are commonly known as Sato dogs and are typically on the smaller side. They also make great pets because of their smarts, friendliness and their ability to learn quickly.

Most Satos, including my Josie, have incredibly hard lives on the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico. They are left on their own to find food, water and shelter. The recent Hurricane, that ravaged the island, have made conditions even worse for these beautiful animals.

Any of these smart pooches would make make an excellent new best friend!


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