South Jersey has a variety of very beautiful church buildings. We are featuring photos of 15 of the most beautiful churches in South Jersey.

The History of South Jersey Churches

Much of the history of South Jersey can be told through its church buildings. There are at least four churches included here that are considered historically significant or are on the  National Register of Historic Places, including St. Nicholas of Tolentine, the last church building done in Romanesque architecture left in Atlantic City.

How We Chose These South Jersey Churches

Most of these churches were suggested by listeners who attended them and knew of their beauty and significance.

Where are These Churches Located?

The majority of these churches are in Atlantic and Cape May counties. If you know of a beautiful church somewhere close by, we would love to hear about it and include it in our article.

Which of These Churches is the Oldest?

A few of these churches have stood the test of time for well over 200 years, but the oldest is Cold Spring Presbyterian Church in Cape May, built in 1714. Its cemetery is the burial site of several Mayflower passengers who relocated to Cape May County.

Here are photos of 15 of South Jersey's most beautiful churches.


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