If you're looking to spice up your relationship with your significant other, we may have the answer right here.

Take that special person and spend in night in The Shoe House in York, Pennsylvania!

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After all, who wouldn't want to sleep in a big shoe!

It worked out all right for Mother Goose, right?

The Shoe House is now being offered as a fun vacation rental!

Perhaps you passed it as a kid as Mom and Dad drove you to yet another weekend to live and shop among the Amish people of Pennsylvania. Maybe you were lucky enough to have stopped there in the days that it was an ice cream stand.

Now, the Haines Shoe House can be rented - by you!

The shoe-shaped house was built in 1948 as a form of advertisement by a shoe salesman. According to the shoe house's website, in its early years it actually was a vacation shot for newlyweds and other couples. Now, it's been renovated and is being offered as a vacation rental property.

Again, who wouldn't want to sleep in a big shoe!

And... who wouldn't want to make whoopee is a big shoe!

The VRBO listing includes this comment:

"The Shoe House has been updated to provide a comfortable stay while maintaining the long history that this famous property has held over the years."

How updated is it? Check out the big shoe house's own hot tub!



Rental starts at $269 a night, socks not included.

Check out more awesome photos below.


You Can Rent the Shoe House in York, Pennsylvania

Imagine Staying in a Big Shoe!

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