I can't be the only one who would love to live on their own private island, right? No neighbors, no traffic, no hassle. Just my little piece of land, where I can go to get away from everything and everyone else.

Private Islands Online is an awesome site to bounce around and fantasize about escaping to your own Fortress of Solitude, and my coworker found a spot right here at the Jersey Shore!

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No Mans Island is a 19-acre island in Grassy Sound, just north of West Wildwood. The biggest drawback is that it only sits about 3 feet above sea level - but with the proper permits, the island can be raised to make development a bit safer.

The island is surprisingly affordable. With a total price of $200,000, you can own it for 15% down and $1,000 a month. Taxes are cheap too, coming to less than $360 a year.

If I had the money, I would absolutely buy my own little island, raise the elevation a few feet, and take my time to build my dreamhouse. The only concern I'd have would be what to rename my island - Varacchitopia? Or maybe just FU Island.

No Mans Island is the only island in NJ listed on Private Islands Online.




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