The gold-winning, history-making US Women's Olympic hockey team stopped by The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday (March 5) to chat about their unreal win in PyeongChang last month, and goalie Maddie Rooney had some words for Justin Bieber.

The 20-year-old athlete tweeted at Biebs late last month, saying, "Hey let me know if you ever need a goalie for your beer league games?? " To her dismay, the pop star didn't respond.

When Fallon asked Rooney about the conversation, she said she actually wanted to challenge the Canadian singer to score a goal on her, after flashing the audience the "Team Bieber" shirt worn under her jersey.

"I want him to notice me, that would be awesome," she admitted, "but I want to stop his shot, too."

Rooney famously won the game (and the gold) for the US by stopping a shootout goal against Canada. The win marked the first ever US Women's Olympic hockey team to take home the gold.

On Wednesday (March 7), Bieber posted a screenshot of Rooney revealing her "Team Bieber" shirt on Instagram. Naturally, the young star freaked out in a tweet, screenshotting the screenshot.

Is this Biebs' way of saying challenge accepted?


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