Do let anyone tell you that being a pageant queen is an easy job.

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Royal International Miss East Coast Jr. Teen Madison Stiles, 15, was volunteering at a Salvation Army food distribution event on Friday��in Vineland when a 61-year old woman somehow managed to run over Madison's foot. Twice.

The Vineland Daily Journal reports that Madison and her friend and fellow pageant winner, Rylee Howerton, were participating in the Salvation Army's food distribution as part of their "Queens 4 a Cause" campaign.

The girls were loading food into the back seat of a Toyota SUV when the driver suddenly pulled forward, running over Madison's foot, according to police.

But, the pain wasn't over for Madison.

Hearing screams, the driver started to back up, running over the pageant queen's foot again.

Ouch and double ouch.

Madison's friend Rylee helped her to an ambulance and she was fitted for a half cast at the hospital, but luckily, no bones were broken.

This is the part where Madison's pageant training and good upbringing come shining through.

Asked by the Vineland Daily Journal what she learned from her double whammy-to-the foot experience, Madison said, " I learned that accidents have to forgive. I got my foot run over, but at least, I know she has food in her house right how."

You go, Madison! Just go carefully.

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