Hitting the lottery and winning close to a million dollars would be a great way to start another work week.

Someone in New Jersey is holding a winning Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket good for over $983,000.

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This time North Jersey claims the jackpot as the winning Jersey Cash 5 ticket was sold at a Quick Mart convivence store located in Livingston in Essex County according to the New Jersey Lottery website.

The winning numbers for the Sunday, October 4th drawing were: 02, 04, 22, 38 and 3. The XTRA number was 03. The winning jackpot came to $983,561 which isn't too shabby!

I always play the Jersey Cash 5 with my combinations of family birthday numbers that I regularly use. Last week I did have a $14 score by hitting three numbers which I was ecstatic about. It would be nice to hit a bigger jackpot especially something with six figures!

New Jersey has been on a recent lottery winning streak with a Jersey Cash 5 ticket worth over $168,000 sold at the Acme in Cape May and a $40,000 Mega Millions ticket worth over $40,000 sold at the ShopRite in Manahawkin.

A Powerball ticket worth $50,000 was also recently sold at the Corner Food Market in Sewell located in Gloucester County.

Congratulations to the latest big  winner who soon will have over 983,000 reasons to be happy that they bough a Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket.

source: njlottery 

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