Image result for wino GIFI don't care how. I don't care why. All I care about is that it is happening!

The price of wine is expected to drop.

How much do you ask? It is going to be the cheapest prices in 20 years!

*Cue applause* 

It is all thanks to a surplus of grapes in California. There is also a lower demand of wine because most Americans prefer to drink hard liquor.

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This is totally a strategy move, by the way.

The wine industry is trying to appeal to us broke millennials by lowering wine prices to hopefully persuade us young folk to switch our adult beverage preferences. (Why yes. We CAN be bought lol) 

And don't worry. This price change isn't something that you can expect to be short lived.

It takes about five years for wine to be made so evening out the adult beverage market will take sometime.

So now, enjoy. And remember, pinkies out.

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