It's been almost four months since Arianna Dalton disappeared from the Absecon home of her legal guardian on Aug 29.

Dalton, 14, had run away from home previously and, because of that, police said at the time that they did not believe she was in any danger.

As time has past since her disappearance, the search for Arianna has expanded to a nationwide investigation, with several national organizations that publicize the disappearance of children joining in the search for the girl.

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I first heard about of Arianna in March of this year, when her sister, Deborah Dalton, reported her younger sister Arianna missing to Galloway Police and posted about her brief disappearance on Facebook.

My little sister that I have legal guardianship of. 13 yr old, about 5'3" and skinny. Her hair was flattened to her head with a long braid clip on in back. Light khaki pants, white collar polo type shirt and light blue sneaks.

She disappeared around 4:45pm or so after my sister left. My older sister caught her with her cell phone that was taken away. She has become extremely rebellious last few months. Police report has been filed. Her counseling and behavior therapy were finally scheduled to start this weekend.

This particular time, Arianna Dalton was found by the next day. But since she left home again on Aug. 29, she has not been seen again.

Arianna Dalton is a 14-year old biracial girl, 5'3" tall with black hair and brown eyes.

If you have any knowledge about Arianna Dalton, contact Galloway Township Police at 609-652-3705.


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