I have to admit, I love living in the Garden State and have done so my entire life. Sure there are things that drive me crazy, like high taxes and the never ending construction on the Garden State Parkway.

Our state has so much to offer including our beautiful beaches, lakes, mountains and our world famous boardwalks.

There's a new list out from 24/7 Wall St. ranking all the states in America from most happiest to downright miserable to live in and call home.

Some of the criteria  used to determine the state ranking on the happy meter include what residents like to do, the overall health of residents and poverty and crime rates.

Our home state comes in at #28 on the list. Not the worst, but I guess we could be doing better. According to the report, folks in New Jersey worry about the high cost of living (I agree with that) and only 74% of those polled like what they do to make ends meet according to NJ.com.

In case you're wondering, the unhappiest state and coming in at #50 is West Virginia and the happiest state in all of America is South Dakota. I would much rather spend a winter in the Garden State then freeze my you know what off in the Mount Rushmore State.


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