Do you love living in New Jersey? I, for one, love calling the Garden State home. I love the boardwalks, the casinos, the nightlife and of course the beautiful beaches up and down the coast.

I also love the fact that you can find some of the very best pizza, bagels and pork roll, egg (or Taylor ham) and cheese sandwiches anywhere in the entire country!

The folks at the website WalletHub recently put out another list.This time it's 2019's 'Best States to Live in List' and to the surprise of some, our little state came out near the top of the list!

Only New Hampshire, Minnesota and Massachusetts fared better then New Jersey, which came in at #4.

Some of the criteria used to determine the list include housing costs, income growth, education rate and quality of hospitals.

Yes, property taxes and cost of living were included in the list and we still came out in the Top 5!

This time of the year is the perfect time for traveling all over our beautiful state to see the stunning colors of the fall season. From the beaches to the mountains to the nearest pumpkin patch, our home state has so much to offer!

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