The end is near! No not the end of the world, the end of winter, of course. Now begins the time of year commonly referred to as "pothole season".

My daily commute takes me on the the Garden State Parkway where repairs already have begun. There's nothing worse driving through a gigantic pothole, especially at night.

You can also help a fellow motorist out by reporting potholes and taking the first step to having them repaired. According to North, if the pothole is on a state highway you can call 1-800-POTHOLE (768-4653) or visit HINT: This is the form you'd use for the GSP or NJ Turnpike.

In Atlantic County the number to call is 877-426-7623 and for Cape May County you can call 609-465-1035.

We also asked for your help in a recent Facebook post in identifying the absolute worst  road craters in South Jersey for you to avoid and here's what you had to say.


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