This week, Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG is giving you tickets to see the stunning summer residency show at the Tropicana Atlantic City.

Illusion is brought to life this summer at the Tropicana with Kevin & Caruso’s dazzling spectacle, Magique. On the heels of touring some of the world’s biggest stages, the talented illusionists will astonish audiences with their signature illusions, glamorous handmade costumes, glorious gimmicks, and fantastic surprises.

Joining Kevin & Caruso on stage for the first time is Madame Houdini, whose incredible aerial and athletic skills enable her to reinvent near-impossible stunts made famous by Houdini himself, including heart-pounding straight jacket escape and a grand finale that will leave you breathless.

The family-friendly Magique offers magic and comedy, with a splash of cirque accompanied by a powerful soundtrack, multimedia backgrounds, stunning special effects and a cast of Broadway-caliber dancers that are sure to entertain guests of all ages.

This week, Lite Rock is giving you the chance to win tickets to see Magique. When you win, we will qualify you for this week's grad prize, an overnight stay at the Tropicana and a $50 dining credit from the Chelsea Five Gastropub.

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