If you're someone who lives on the beach or right on the bay and gets to experience the most incredible views of the water on a daily basis, consider yourself lucky! 

We recently found this stunner, located in the Cape May Harbor Village & Yacht Club. The photos are amazing! Between the high ceilings and views of the water, the price tag is just a minor detail....right?

This house boasts breathtaking views of the bay, a pool/jacuzzi, an outdoor kitchen, plus a custom chef's kitchen, and a private marina. Not to mention it also has a fiberglass deck overlooking the Cape May Harbor, 6 bedrooms/7 baths and a game room.

Sure, the asking price is $3.2 million, which will make your monthly mortgage payment close to $16,000 a monthm, but those views though! I can't get enough!

Sources: Trulia.comRe/MAX

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