If talking with Pat Benatar has always been on your bucket list, I can help.

Pat Benatar will be calling in to record a conversation for the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis at noon on Friday, Nov. 3.

I am looking for a big-time Benatar fan to tell me why you would like to speak with her and be apart of the Lite Rock Morning Show conversation. Hit Me With YOUR Best Shot.... why do you want to talk with Pat Benatar?

The person I pick will be conferenced in on the phone, so you won't have to leave work, school, the bar, or wherever you happen to be at noon of Friday.

The turn-over time on this one is quick , so get back to me right away by e-mail at eddie@literock969.com if you are interested.

We'll be sure to let everyone know before the conversation with Pat airs on the Lite Rock Morning Show.


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