As the saying goes when encountering possible flood waters while driving, "Turn around, don't drown". This good advise is ignored far too often.

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New Jersey State Police have released a video of troopers rescuing a 65-year old man after his car became stuck in rising water during a flash flood in Salem County last Saturday.

Troopers Christopher Engel and Colin Reilly were dispatched to the report of a motorist stuck in flooded waters on Rt. 40 in Pilesgrove Township at about 1:15am Saturday.

When they arrived, they observed a man trapped inside his vehicle, which was stuck in the water and pinned against the guardrail.

The troopers parked their troop cars in a safe location and made their way through knee-deep water to the victim's vehicle. Due to the rising water coming from the nearby river and the pressure of the current, the troopers knew they needed to quickly get the man out of the vehicle and to a safe location.

The troopers helped the man out of his vehicle and guided him safely through the strong current to a safe portion of the roadway where he was treated by EMS and released.

Here's video of the State Troopers saving the man from the flood waers...

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