If you are fascinated by buildings that time has seemingly forgotten, perhaps you'll enjoy a tour of a long-closed movie theater in Salem County.

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Not too far from the hustle and bustle of the traffic coming off of the Delaware Memorial Bridge and figuring out whether to take the New Jersey Turnpike or Interstate 295 is the old Premier Cinemas building a bit off Route 49 in Pennsville.

According to cinematreasures.com,

Located in the Pennsville Shopping Center, the Penn Theatre opened on February 8, 1966. It was built by the Frank Theatres chain as a 750-seat single screen at a cost of $500,000 and was said to be the first new movie theatre in Salem County in 26 years. It operated as the Penn at least as late as 1976. At some point the theatre was twinned and renamed Premier Cinemas.

They continue, "it was operating under that name in 2004, but was closed and abandoned by 2014."

For nearly a decade, the two-screen theater has sat empty and decaying.

"Empty," in this case, means that at some point, urban explorers will undoubtedly find a way into it so they can post a video online, and "decaying" means the inside is in really bad shape, probably well past the point of repair.

A video posted to YouTube in the spring of 2022 shows someone going inside the building to take a tour.

And as we always say when writing an article like this, venturing into a structure like this is not only dangerous but is likely also illegal as you would be trespassing.

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