It will cost you twice as much to park during your trip to Ventnor this summer, if a plan proposed by the city's Board of Commissioners to raise rates to $2 per hour wins approval.

Also proposed, upgrading Ventnor's parking meters to "smart" meters, like the ones already in use in Atlantic City and Ocean City.

The Current of Ventnor reports that the Ventnor Board of Commissioners introduced an ordinance on April 13 to increase the cost of parking on the street from $1 to $2 an hour by this summer.

City Administrator Maria Mento told the Current,

“We checked around, and $2 is market rate or less when you consider what Atlantic City and Ocean City charge.”

There will be a public hearing on the parking price increase on Thursday, May 18.

The board has agreed to replace 355 solar-powered parking meters with 'smart meters' which take coins, credit cards or pay-by-phone, and allow you to feed the meter remotely from wherever you happen to be.

It looks like you will have to feed those meters twice as much money beginning this summer.


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