According to 6ABC, now that COVID-19 vaccines are in the country and many people are receiving them, you may now have to provide proof. Vaccine passports will be something that you must show before you board a plane to take a trip anywhere, before you enter a sporting arena and even when you attend a concert.

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There are many smartphone apps being developed right now and when you need to show proof that you have been vaccinated, you just whip out your phone and show it. You can upload all your details to the app so it's legit and then show it on your way into a sporting event, concert or when you board an international flight.

Moving forward in 2021 to stop the spread of COVID-19, it seems that proof of vaccination will be required before you can enter a lot of places. I'm sure we will hear more details in the spring when more vaccinations become available to the general public.

I am honestly not surprised that this might be the next move for our world to return to normal. I am also honestly ALL for it! Even when I've had small gatherings at my house throughout the pandemic with just a few family members or friends, I've wanted to take everyone's temperature when they walked in the door.

My husband told me I was nuts, so I didn't end up doing that, but I would put out hand sanitizer and clorox wipes and have my air purifier running at all times. I will also always spray down the most popular areas with a disinfecting spray when people leave. I take every precaution to keep people safe while celebrating milestones and special occasions. I know where the people who come into my home have been, but say I want to go to a sporting event or concert, I don't know where all those people have been.

I think implementing these vaccine passports will keep people safe and will keep transmissions down and stop this damn spread. I know a lot of people will be against it, but come on, I want this pandemic to be over.

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