Gas prices in New Jersey are set to increase on November 1st as the gas tax hike goes into effect.

Something else that will increase in response? Uber rates.

Uber car
Uber vehicle (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

In a news release today, Uber announced they will be increasing fares two cents per mile in New Jersey in direct response to the gas tax increase.

In the announcement, Uber said, "while the increase will have a meaningful impact on a driver’s earnings, it will also have a minimal impact on riders who choose Uber for its affordability."

Considering Uber drivers pay for their own gas, it's understandable why this fare increase is being instituted, but I worry that this is just the first of many things to come that I'll now be paying more for!

Sure, these individual hikes are pennies here and there...but eventually all of those pennies add up.

Anyone else feel like they just can't catch a break?

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