I still remember waking up as a kid and spending lazy Saturday mornings parked in front of our family television, watching my favorite cartoons.

If you have the same nostalgia I do, it's time to relive your childhood and celebrate your inner kiddo by taking a look back at some of your favorite cartoons. We break it down decade by decade, below:

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    The 60's

    It's tough to pick just one cartoon from this decade since there were so many to choose from, but here goes.

    The Jetson's debuted in 1962. This popular prime time cartoon had one of the best theme songs ever, along with The Flinstones, of course!

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    The 70's

    The 70's were all about the mystery solving pup, Scooby-Doo! I'm literally hearing the theme song in my head as I type this. The cartoon also inspired two live action movies in 2002 and 2004.

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    The 80's

    I was never a big fan of The Smurfs but, there's no denying their popularity. The Smurfs were nominated for multiple Daytime Emmy Awards in the 80's.

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    The 90's

    I can really relate to this decade because both of my boys were into cartoons like Hey Arnold, ArthurDexter's Laboratory, Pokeman and Digimon.

    The cartoon that really sticks out for me is Doug. I would actually sit down and watch this one with them. What a great theme song!

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    The 00's

    Here's another blast from the past for me, as both of my boys loved the Fairly OddParents!

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