It looks like thongs are here to stay but it did not always look that way....

It all started with an email being sent to Ocean City Councilman Michael Devlieger expressing a resident's issue with seeing people dressed in thongs on the beach.

"I had someone very sincerely write me an email regarding thongs on the beach," DeVlieger said. "The individual is offended by thongs on the beach and was asking we create some sort of legislation to make it more modest."

So, naturally during a council meeting on July 26th, the topic was discussed but no further action is likely to be taken -- thank god. I think this would have been a bit much.

It is a bathing suit....on a beach.....and EVERYONE has a butt. I can't say that I understand.

"We want to be a welcoming community, and we want to be somewhere where people can relax," he said. "I put it out there to see what people thought and it did not generate a whole lot of activity."

Sorry people. Our buns are here to stay!

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