Is your licence plate breaking the law in New Jersey? Thanks to my daily commute on the Garden State Parkway, I've seen all kinds of plates from all different states. I've also seen my share of framed plates.

In fact, the most common plate frame I see has something to do with reigning Super Bowl Champs, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Believe it or not, if you're the proud owner of a framed plate you may be breaking the law and setting yourself up for a ticket! Yikes!

Last year, according to close to 120,000 tickets were given to Garden State motorists because their license plate frame obstructed part or all of 'New Jersey' or 'Garden State'. According to the state, this is illegal.

In a report by, the fine shall not exceed $100, but you could also spend up to 10 DAYS in the county jail if you fail to pay up. That's certainly doesn't sound like fun.

Just a piece of advice, you may want to do a quick check to make sure you plate isn't obstructed by any frame you have.


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