The dictionary defines the word 'Bizarre' as strikingly out of the ordinary: such as odd, extravagant, or eccentric in style or mode; very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement.

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That pretty much sums up the group of photos below, with good reason. One of the tools at my disposal as a blogger for Townsquare Media is Getty Images. Getty is a media licensing company. That means they own the rights to a lot of images, video, music, and other media, and they make the rights available to customers for a price.

We are always looking for an appropriate picture to match up with the topic of the blog, so we search Getty Images to see if they have a photo that will complete the visual aspect of the blog.

Sometimes while doing that, I find myself getting distracted by all the amazing, amusing and unusual pictures Getty Images has on file.

It's become a little game with me to search a random word on Getty and see what photos will pop up, Yes, I am very easily entertained. The other day I hit upon a search word that led to pages of bizarre pictures.

The word is... bizarre.

Here are a few of the photographs that Getty Images thinks are bizarre. That's all they have in common.  According to Getty Images, they are bizarre.

I think bizarre is good, bizarre is fun, and bizarre is definitely entertaining when it comes to photos. Take a look...

These Pictures Are Bizarre!

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