Have you ever wondered what type of food is best associated with our state? Well, the folks at Thrillist, just released a poll for which food comes in on top for the Garden State. Hint: It's not pork roll.

According to Thrillist.com, the top food for New Jersey just happens to be my all-time favorite - Italian food!

There are so many great Italian restaurants in South Jersey alone, including Angelo's Fairmount Tavern, Carmine's, and Capriccio's in Atlantic City. Little Italy in Wildwood Crest, A Touch of Italy in EHT, and Assaggio in Egg Harbor City are also incredible.

I would love to eat Italian food 7 days a week if I could. I'm not sure if my waistline would appreciate it, but I know I need to have some sort of pasta at least once a week to satisfy my cravings. I'm not alone, right?


Source: Thrillist

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